Straightforward Intimacy

There is a curious idea that life is all about people! That the whole earth and all that is in it exists solely so that people can relate! This is the assumption everyone is bred to believe in - it is so basic that mostly it wouldn’t even be noticed. And when you go out and relate, what do you find? That generally speaking, there are just three types of relationship:-

(1) the exchange of goods, services or information;

(2) chat, the sort of speech that consists of cliché, banality and
obsession with detail;

(3) argument of one sort or another, even amongst supposed friends.
None of these has any soul to it - they are spiritually bankrupt, and useless for really finding out about the meaning of life.

The only correct basis can be straightforward intimacy. Simple straightforwardness and natural affection is to be completely present in actuality. It is essential to give up self-centred neurotic dreaming and wake up to actuality and live in simple presence.

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  1. In fact, straightforward intimacy is already the case, before any relating. However it gets drowned out by all that compulsive talking and the thinking that supports it, not to mention the frenzy of communication occurring these days on every exploitable wavelength.

    Three cheers for the natural affection we are and for those who can stop relating long enough to notice. There truly is no other worthwhile basis to live by.