Striving for the Good

'Good' just means pleasure, even though we don't like to admit it.  The one seeking to be happy is in a false position right from the start - it's just an actor on the stage.

Out Of Time

Not, 'Liberation in this very life,' but 'Liberation while still seemingly engaged in this experience.'

To say, 'In this very life,' is misleading, because it seems to indicate that it could happen at any time.

Likewise, when we state that this study is a whole life, that doesn't mean that it is spread out over time. The 'whole life' means more like, 'acquainting yourself instantly with the basic understanding' (of the obvious).

'Understanding' normally means fitting something into one's own frame of reference, and as such is useless. But there can be this basic understanding, without which one is just too full of oneself to be interested in anything but oneself. (N.B.: This is a technical observation rather than a moral judgement.)

'On the instant' sounds like a moment in time, but it is actually not in time. That is the truth of the matter—that there is no time.

But isn't it possible to waste time?

No, not real-ly, because time doesn't exist. There is only presence.