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The notion of selfhood

Selfhood is greedy. If it thinks there is anything in truth, it wants to get it. That won't do it any good! If it could get truth, that would only result in more puffed-up selfhood, which is in fact the whole problem - the notion of selfhood.

So what is the TRUTH?

The solution to this is surely the last thing one could possibly think of, and then not that!

Intellect tries to work at it, but truth is not to be found in its workings, as it suspects. One thinks it must be something contactable - it has to be for it to make sense. So a struggle persists until it is realized that the struggle can be abandoned. Why would INFINITE MIND be concerned with one tiny section of a dreaming humanity?


Why not find out what awareness IS, look into the truth of life, rather than the endless ramifications of this dream*? The ramifications (of disease, etc.) are always 'out there.' They don't strike the immediacy of presence.

Clearly, that does not interfere with the freedom to explore the ramifications to one's heart's content. However, there comes a time when the sphere of human argument is relinquished and there is sensitive exploration without regard to stories.

*[=e.g., the world, our life, as we know it]

Concepts Running Out

Aren't stories all about making a way in society? They are concepts, really, and they all run out in now. They are all just running out, like tributaries wriggling away into the ocean of being.

Thought - just cut it out!

Awareness is bliss, but only if thought is not in operation. Thought just assumes the mantle of awareness. Thought is pretense.

But note that thought is totally tied up with the whole body and all its sensations. One cannot try and cut off thought so that the body would then be able to go around in a blissful state! And when we say 'body,' that means my body, your body. To cut out thought - who would do that, anyway?

Thought can lapse.

One can become aware of thoughts, but one cannot be aware of their absence. That must be because their absence is what awareness is.

A Good Show

One's self seems to be entirely bogus, just a theatrical notion. Given that, the best thing one can do, is put on a good show.

A good show doesn't foist itself on anyone, any more than a flower does. It is busy being itself.