A Bad Investment

It's time to wake up to the fact of the very, very long demise of humanity. Humanity is a bad investment!

People are always trying to put together a future, and trying to feel positive about it. At the moment, it is very hard to feel positive about the future, hence the worldwide economic 'slump' - a lack of confidence in the ability to carry on exploiting the environment effectively.

(After watching, and enjoying the BBC's series 'Planet Earth') The existence of the wild animals is full of violence all the time. All their reproduction is done for that end - for the violence of the kill, or being killed.

'Man' is a pseudo-species: all ideas of species are man-made; they don't exist at all without man's explanation. Humans love to sort things. They are classification maniacs! What is the sum of all their classification? Nothing but the observer of it, and the observer, of course, is himself completely notional.

Anything that arises in the mind is a contender for fact.

What does that mean?

We are looking at the process of thought, here. And we don't want any metaphysics! Metaphysics is arm-chair living. We want something that works in daily life, not just a little bit of fly-by-night wisdom.

This study is far too subtle to be encapsulated, as for example, in a book. It's not something to learn, a way to 'progress' along, nor any kind of system of personal development in which participants get a little wiser every day (a process known as 'wising up').