Allowing For 'Us'

MR H:  Do you ever feel that we won't get to the bull's-eye 'together'?
PROF:  Do I ever feel that?
MR H:  Yes.
PROF:  I am positively sure that we won't!
MINI:  ...because for one thing, there is that question of 'we'.
PROF:  'We' is just a social convention, and society is just—well, you know for yourself. It's a whole mess of mind.
MR H:  It's funny that, because why should mind be messed up?
PROF:  Imagine! Mind, so absolutely pure, being messed up by us!
MINI:  That sounds really stupid!
PROF:  It really does. You'd never think that intelligence was infinite, would you?
MR H:  No! You'd definitely say there must be a limit somewhere.
PROF:  Yes, and the limit is that it allows for the existence of ourselves, who really are obviously nonsense.
MR H:  That's fascinating what you say about allowing for 'us.'
PROF:  I think that's what 'love' must mean: that infinite intelligence actually allows for 'us,' when you would think that there was no excuse whatsoever for 'us'!
ME: Right — except just sheer grace!


If you feel worried, it must be because you are checking into humanity. Humanity is definitely worried. It is aware that it has overreached itself. And it has its own historical record to confirm the fear that any organism that reaches its fullness tends to collapse in on itself. The crash has just about begun, and everyone is wondering how far it will go, and how it will affect them personally.