Allowing For 'Us'

MR H:  Do you ever feel that we won't get to the bull's-eye 'together'?
PROF:  Do I ever feel that?
MR H:  Yes.
PROF:  I am positively sure that we won't!
MINI:  ...because for one thing, there is that question of 'we'.
PROF:  'We' is just a social convention, and society is just—well, you know for yourself. It's a whole mess of mind.
MR H:  It's funny that, because why should mind be messed up?
PROF:  Imagine! Mind, so absolutely pure, being messed up by us!
MINI:  That sounds really stupid!
PROF:  It really does. You'd never think that intelligence was infinite, would you?
MR H:  No! You'd definitely say there must be a limit somewhere.
PROF:  Yes, and the limit is that it allows for the existence of ourselves, who really are obviously nonsense.
MR H:  That's fascinating what you say about allowing for 'us.'
PROF:  I think that's what 'love' must mean: that infinite intelligence actually allows for 'us,' when you would think that there was no excuse whatsoever for 'us'!
ME: Right — except just sheer grace!

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