In Quotes

Short comments, jokes and aphorisms from IRI:-

  • "Hello, Mankind, this is God speaking. I know you think you are wicked. Well, I can't argue with that!"
  • Personal insights are a theft, or rather, an attempted theft, of the absolute.
  • Thought is always after the fact.
  • Is consciousness clever?
  • "I used to say that human beings were not very intelligent. But I won't say that anymore. No—no more Mr Nice Guy."
  • The forgetfulness that often comes with old age tends not to forget the worries that are held dear.
  • The brain is soft-wired. (For what? Oh, just to mess around and impress itself. It's longing to get it's own autograph.)
  • Assumption is the root of dullness. (E.g., the assumption that everything is so.)
  • "I'm sure people don't realize that it actually makes sense to say, 'to infinity and beyond.' They think that's a joke—but really, 'infinity' is a word."
  • The fringes of knowledge fade into areas described as 'not well understood,' i.e., unknown.
  • Remember that worry puts more people in hospital than hot dinners.
  • "I think that these days it is too much hard work for people to consider anything other than themselves."
  • Sheer ease of reading is just for layabouts.
  • "You know, I think everyone really misses the past."
  • Humans are the only creatures that know that they are 'meming.'
  • Never trust a human.
  • A man walks into a bar and says, "Ow!" because he hurt his leg on it.
  • Life is transitory. So, behave well while you can.

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