"The Perceived Cannot Perceive"* - Discuss

(From a letter to a friend)

"As to the presence or absence of selfhood, what is meant is that there can exist no absolute, objective entity, whether actually or purely cognitive. The reason of humans is, as you know, based quite firmly on belief in a probable infinity of discrete though interdependent entities, animate, inanimate or as yet unclassified, each doing its bit in an immeasurably vast scheme of things. To argue with such a view would be worse than futile, but it is possible to scrutinize it in the immediacy of presence, whereat it immediately dissolves.

"The notion that consciousness is personal is actually assumed; the assumption is also what we understand as selfhood. Ideas of trying to rise above the sense of personal centeredness ('enlightenment') must fail and plunge into the ocean of actuality. Eventually, one comes to suspect that the ever-searching thought process must give way to this unoccupied actuality."

* - a quote from Huang Po

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