"Beware of beatified individuality."

This should be imprinted on the inside of every psychenaut's skull! (Quote from Wei Wu Wei)

This is the age of cleverness

This is the age of cleverness, but commensurate with cleverness is stupidity. They come bundled together.

Premature Divine Being Syndrome

What we can do is very much dependent on where our feet come to rest and how we answer for it. You have got to fully acknowledge the earthly before you can be heavenly. Otherwise, you will be standing on mental stilts! (NB: the 'earthly' and the 'heavenly' are both concepts. Get stuck into reality and be honest about it - the fantasies and dreams are never real!!)

Modern Civilization

From ancient times, either people fight when they get together, or they exchange goods.

What's the point?!

This lament is no good! 'The point' is all around us. But life is not pointy! Life is not sharp. Life is not in bondage to anything at all.

Dung Beetle

We push our knowledge forward, in order to create the next moment - rather like a dung beetle, with its little bolus of dung! That's all the future is. We create it from our knowledge as we go, pushing it ahead of us. One thinks, "This will really get me places!" It doesn't matter how big the ball is, it's still dung. The dung-ball is like one's little store of knowledge - and one has to leave it by the wayside.


Why is it disgusting?

Because it makes people look extremely ugly.

Q: Who needs a self?

Answer: Pity. You can't have the one without the other.

Being Still

Being still should be easy, shouldn't it? But it isn't. Even after years. What can you do about it?

It isn't easy to play a musical instrument, either. What can you do about it? Practise!

But no, one wants to be a virtuoso immediately, without any prior work to play brilliantly so that everyone claps! It's just that infantile desire which only has to sit back and be spoon-fed, a mere smile and everyone applauds. It (the baby) thinks that the hard slog of PRACTICE is a waste of its potential, its brilliancy!

The Body

M: I wonder what on earth Alfred Aiken means by "You are not the body." The body seems so real.

W: I think the operative term there is 'earth'! ...on earth as it is in heaven? Heaven meaning, 'how things actually are.' Consciousness, awareness is not the body. The body is social! We think we are bodies relating to one another. Which is fine, but it's not the truth.

m: That's very good to hear, because a person's mood tends to swing up or down according to the success rate in society.

W: At some point, everyone has to leave society, and forget and be forgotten - you can't have everyone on the stage at once!

The 'human'

is just the attempted incarnation of the divine.


HUMANITY has to be judged on its merits, which are inexistent.


Truth needs no support. So we can be happy for truth!


We have been feeling rather frustrated at the increasing cost of living, an inevitable result of global and local overpopulation:-

"Disused foxhole, with 4sq yards of land, only £50,000. Buy now and get a boot up the bracket thrown in, free."

Anxiety and Dullness

There is a tremendous amount of anxiety in being alive. Often the simplest way to assuage anxiety is to eat, which makes one very dull.

But what is the root of anxiety? The real basis of this worry is the feeling that one is stuck in a body, which really is a very dangerous place to be!

Straightforward Intimacy

There is a curious idea that life is all about people! That the whole earth and all that is in it exists solely so that people can relate! This is the assumption everyone is bred to believe in - it is so basic that mostly it wouldn’t even be noticed. And when you go out and relate, what do you find? That generally speaking, there are just three types of relationship:-

(1) the exchange of goods, services or information;

(2) chat, the sort of speech that consists of cliché, banality and
obsession with detail;

(3) argument of one sort or another, even amongst supposed friends.
None of these has any soul to it - they are spiritually bankrupt, and useless for really finding out about the meaning of life.

The only correct basis can be straightforward intimacy. Simple straightforwardness and natural affection is to be completely present in actuality. It is essential to give up self-centred neurotic dreaming and wake up to actuality and live in simple presence.