This blog post says everything and more that I would like to say right now , and I really couldn't put it better than this:-
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'Facts Are Sacred.' Oh, Really?

Then may the facts be with you!

The Assumption of Identity

Lacking a genuine identity we have to assume one (i.e., take it up, put it on). Such is education— from day one we learn what to assume. Because each must assume something. One cannot legally be nothing! This educated sense is the human assumption, which we put on each day. In fact, we have to assume our identity each moment, and only through this constant repetition does it become that perhaps all-too-familiar sense of 'ourself.'

Occasionally, the assumption can lapse, and it's strange how completely lost one can feel without it. It could even result in a panic attack. Not to mention complete unexcelled awakening.

Back To The Future

To put it another way:-

Preoccupation (that is, plans and worries) about the future involves a huge amount of thought. The fact is, though, that however hard we try to anticipate the moment, the future NEVER ARRIVES. We remain always in the same place, the place of consciousness.

Knowledge Is Ignorance

And vise versa.

What!? Ignorance is knowledge?!?

Well look at it this way—once you have a piece of knowledge, you are equipped to ignore; once you don't know, you are equipped to look, to find out, to study. But if you are full of knowledge, why should you bother about anything? You know it all. You know where you're going, what you are doing, who you are and where you're at.

A person going about his business, full of the knowledge of all the things he is going to do, is an ignorant person. Knowledge is like a cocoon. To be full of knowledge is to ignore. And you have to ask: does Truth need knowledge? That about wraps it up.

The Future

There is NO future. The future is completely illusory. We never get there. We never, EVER get there! There is no THERE. That's why we can't get there.

Allowing For 'Us'

MR H:  Do you ever feel that we won't get to the bull's-eye 'together'?
PROF:  Do I ever feel that?
MR H:  Yes.
PROF:  I am positively sure that we won't!
MINI:  ...because for one thing, there is that question of 'we'.
PROF:  'We' is just a social convention, and society is just—well, you know for yourself. It's a whole mess of mind.
MR H:  It's funny that, because why should mind be messed up?
PROF:  Imagine! Mind, so absolutely pure, being messed up by us!
MINI:  That sounds really stupid!
PROF:  It really does. You'd never think that intelligence was infinite, would you?
MR H:  No! You'd definitely say there must be a limit somewhere.
PROF:  Yes, and the limit is that it allows for the existence of ourselves, who really are obviously nonsense.
MR H:  That's fascinating what you say about allowing for 'us.'
PROF:  I think that's what 'love' must mean: that infinite intelligence actually allows for 'us,' when you would think that there was no excuse whatsoever for 'us'!
ME: Right — except just sheer grace!


If you feel worried, it must be because you are checking into humanity. Humanity is definitely worried. It is aware that it has overreached itself. And it has its own historical record to confirm the fear that any organism that reaches its fullness tends to collapse in on itself. The crash has just about begun, and everyone is wondering how far it will go, and how it will affect them personally.


To be locked into humanhood is like being someone 'glued' to a television screen: just sitting there all day and all night watching it, until sleep takes over. First thing in the morning, on it goes again, to be watched even while eating and drinking.  

 If the screen is blank, as in the case of boredom, one mutters to oneself: "Oh, well, it's just an interruption in the service. I'll stay watching; it'll come on again in an hour or so, I expect." 

 Meanwhile, we are totally unaware that the whole universe is flowing through, round and about us all the time! Our attitude and our belief say, "No, no! This is the real. I know because, here it is. And I've got to concentrate on it. Don't disturb me." 

 Reflecting this way, doesn't it seem moronic to be locked into the human experience like someone fascinated by a television or computer screen? It's cloddish and stunning. What's more, the available programmes don't get any more interesting. 

 The condition of being locked into the human experience has a fatalistic rigour about it. It's a total belief system. There are numerous beliefs floating about in the human noƶsphere, causing no end of trouble, but no other belief than this one is necessary. It's a complete, hermetically sealed belief system, already containing all the sub-beliefs such as religion, etc., which attempt to come to terms with the dark side of human living. Bereavement, for instance. But one mustn't worry because there are new ones constantly appearing. Adjust to the flow. That's the way. Grow old, die off.  

 To finish with this propaganda, one has to find out how to end the fixation on the screen of human experience. The first step must be: all-round awareness, minimizing fixed focus and integrating the senses so as to sidestep thought.

Conversations At IRI- II

PROF: Culture is the crowning achievement of physicality.* 

ME:  Yes! That's what it's for!

PROF:  Well, supposedly, but sadly culture is usually dissipated through over-indulgence, which is not quite the same thing.

*(i.e., work, labour, etc.)