As To The Future

A completely mistaken attitude is always to be trying to grab for the future, to be trying to get to the future before it arrives. One has no presence; no presence of mind; no peace at all, as long as one is scrabbling to get to a future which will NEVER ARRIVE!!

Then and Now

The people of the past: where have they gone? They have not 'gone' anywhere - that's the fact.

Because ALL the people of the past have never been anything but the timeless presence of awareness (which is now). This is the truth of it, the 'open secret.'* It's a secret because it seems to be hidden from the human point of view. One can't understand it at all. Everyone who has ever been must be now? From the human viewpoint, because of birth, which is bound up in time, it is ruled out totally.

One says, 'I don't understand at all. I can't make head nor tail of it. I'm sorry: it's beyond me totally. I've got things to do.' It's only those really interested who will find out that there has never been anything else but presence.

Imagine: all those countless billions of people, the figures of history, never were anything but this very same awareness, which is strictly speaking nothing at all. Not an object of any sort.

*Wei Wu Wei