To be locked into humanhood is like being someone 'glued' to a television screen: just sitting there all day and all night watching it, until sleep takes over. First thing in the morning, on it goes again, to be watched even while eating and drinking.  

 If the screen is blank, as in the case of boredom, one mutters to oneself: "Oh, well, it's just an interruption in the service. I'll stay watching; it'll come on again in an hour or so, I expect." 

 Meanwhile, we are totally unaware that the whole universe is flowing through, round and about us all the time! Our attitude and our belief say, "No, no! This is the real. I know because, here it is. And I've got to concentrate on it. Don't disturb me." 

 Reflecting this way, doesn't it seem moronic to be locked into the human experience like someone fascinated by a television or computer screen? It's cloddish and stunning. What's more, the available programmes don't get any more interesting. 

 The condition of being locked into the human experience has a fatalistic rigour about it. It's a total belief system. There are numerous beliefs floating about in the human noƶsphere, causing no end of trouble, but no other belief than this one is necessary. It's a complete, hermetically sealed belief system, already containing all the sub-beliefs such as religion, etc., which attempt to come to terms with the dark side of human living. Bereavement, for instance. But one mustn't worry because there are new ones constantly appearing. Adjust to the flow. That's the way. Grow old, die off.  

 To finish with this propaganda, one has to find out how to end the fixation on the screen of human experience. The first step must be: all-round awareness, minimizing fixed focus and integrating the senses so as to sidestep thought.

Conversations At IRI- II

PROF: Culture is the crowning achievement of physicality.* 

ME:  Yes! That's what it's for!

PROF:  Well, supposedly, but sadly culture is usually dissipated through over-indulgence, which is not quite the same thing.

*(i.e., work, labour, etc.)