In Quotes

Short comments, jokes and aphorisms from IRI:-

  • "Hello, Mankind, this is God speaking. I know you think you are wicked. Well, I can't argue with that!"
  • Personal insights are a theft, or rather, an attempted theft, of the absolute.
  • Thought is always after the fact.
  • Is consciousness clever?
  • "I used to say that human beings were not very intelligent. But I won't say that anymore. No—no more Mr Nice Guy."
  • The forgetfulness that often comes with old age tends not to forget the worries that are held dear.
  • The brain is soft-wired. (For what? Oh, just to mess around and impress itself. It's longing to get it's own autograph.)
  • Assumption is the root of dullness. (E.g., the assumption that everything is so.)
  • "I'm sure people don't realize that it actually makes sense to say, 'to infinity and beyond.' They think that's a joke—but really, 'infinity' is a word."
  • The fringes of knowledge fade into areas described as 'not well understood,' i.e., unknown.
  • Remember that worry puts more people in hospital than hot dinners.
  • "I think that these days it is too much hard work for people to consider anything other than themselves."
  • Sheer ease of reading is just for layabouts.
  • "You know, I think everyone really misses the past."
  • Humans are the only creatures that know that they are 'meming.'
  • Never trust a human.
  • A man walks into a bar and says, "Ow!" because he hurt his leg on it.
  • Life is transitory. So, behave well while you can.

So you think the spiritual is weak, do you?

Take away appearance, and take away all sound, and what you are left with is pure spirit.

Science Update

"The big question in neuroscience is where consciousness comes from," co-author Giovanni Petri, a mathematician at Italy's Institute for Scientific Interchange, told Wired. "We don't know."