Respect - an analysis of the break-down of relationship

We frequently hear complaints from those who feel they are not getting the respect that they feel is their due. People often demand respect for themselves and their 'views'. But the fact is that irritability, contempt and general bad behaviour is more likely to be expected from another. As the world population swells, respect is lost.

But that's no good, because when respect is lost, everything starts to go wrong!

Just look at what happens in relationship. First things get casual, causing people to cut off from each other just a little bit. In other words, they don't give each other the proper respect. Then quite a lot of misunderstandings occur; people don't mesh properly and they end up hurting each other through ignorance, because they are not paying attention. They hurt each other, in small ways, but it builds up until they get heartily sick of each other and feel angry and annoyed. Well, yes—ignorance is very annoying, and it easily becomes a question of, "One of us has got to go—will it be you, or me?"

So it's very important not to lose respect! Surely it's not so difficult? However, it's respect for the whole environment, not just for people.

Real respect is observing things and people just as they are. It doesn't imply a special kind of deference. Respect is in fact a deference to the whole of reality. The biggest killer of respect is, of course, self-contempt.

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