The Drama of Living

Routine upset and disturbance, otherwise known as 'relationship,' is so common that probably, it is hardly even noticed most of the time. But the emotions involved so completely occupy the attention that the actual fact of life is obscured. Where ever is the opportunity, then, to wonder, "What is this actually all about?"

What is this actually all about? The sheep provide a clue. They spend all their time eating. For humans, too, eating and drinking are the main meaning. You carry on eating so that you can experience... what? Pleasure? But pleasure is fleeting. Pain? But that, too, must pass, if only into unconsciousness.

You begin to realize that there is nothing in this existence, really.

"People think that's terrible, that you're being nihilistic, defeatist, etc. But that's nonsense! It's the most marvellous thing you can realize, that there is nothing in this existence at all! I can say this, and look what I am surrounded with!" (A very orderly, cultured front room, with a Persian carpet and a roaring fire.)

Once again take the example of the sheep, who are constantly eating. Humans have put them to work, and they put in a full day, with no overtime! But in wilder pasture, sheep spend much more time resting. They like to find a good vantage point and just be. Their neurotic eating when contained together in a field is similar to the activities of people in cities.

It's true that the sensations of romance are strong and compelling. That's what keeps everyone hoping and waiting for the appearance of their dream, so that there is no chance of seeing through it, any more than the sheep!

But it is the finest thing in the world to realize that there is nothing in this existence! It doesn't stop one from doing and appreciating anything at all. But it clears away all the drama about 'me' and 'my life,' not to mention all the other people agonizing over their lives. It is a very profound perception - goes to the root of one's motivations, of one's being.

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